The Little Things: Taking Time to Feel Happy!

The Little Things: Taking Time to Feel Happy! The Little Things: Taking Time to Feel Happy!


This weekend has been so busy, yet so rewarding. Through all the ciaos of attending different events, working, and trying to balance schoolwork I realized something… I was extremely happy!

I know this sounds a little crazy because I should’ve been stressed out. In fact, I was! But somehow I still had a smile on my face every second! I think what contributed to this feeling was the relationships I had with the people around me.

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It’s no secret that I love people. I love getting to know what makes someone tick and what drives them to accomplish their goals. This weekend I got to not only celebrate my best friend’s birthday, but also discover what makes me tick.

I’ve realized that it’s the little things that drive me to continue to do what I love. Enjoying time with friends and family gives me such a recharge. It reminds me that through all the struggle I might go through, I have people who care about me. This is one of the best feelings to have, to know that you’re not alone and that what you do does not go unnoticed!

So this week I’ve decided to take some time to be happy! I encourage you all to do the same!

Give some attention to the little things in your life that keep you going. For me, those will be phone calls with my mom, petty arguments with my brother, and random conversations with friends on campus!


This outfit would have been worn everyday by my freshman self. I use to love all black, longline tees, and super skinny jeans. So I thought I would wear this outfit as a tribute to my younger self!

Even though I do have chicken legs these skinny jeans are one of my favorite pair. Like I said, it’s been awhile since I’ve put a pair on, but it’s just like riding a bike.

You can find both the jeans and shoes in the links above.



Jacket // Thrifted | Shirt // H&M | Pants // H&M (similar) | Shoes // Topman (here)

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