Welcome, New America!


Some of you may already know, but I recently hit the big 2-0! Though I see no difference from last week when I was 19, I think my 20’s are going to be some of the best years of my life!

“What saddens me though, is that some guys like me don’t even get to make it to the age of 20 or even celebrate another year of life.”

America is suppose to be the land of the free, and yet, everyone seems to be fighting for their rights. Women, Gays, Blacks, Hispanics, and the list goes on and on. It seems to me that everyone is starting to realize that unless you’re a white male, you’ll always have some battle to fight. Even white males notice this, and for those who try to put a stop to this ideology, I am grateful.

America has seen some pretty messed up things in the last few years. The amount of unjustified murders that have taken place makes me uncomfortable. I’m shocked that one human being thinks it’s okay to nullify another’s right to live. As for my input on the recent murders of black men, it’s stated in the 5th Amendment that everyone has the right to Due Process. Well that right cannot be fulfilled when they’re lying dead on the street.

Old America, wake up and see the repercussions of your actions. By Old America, I mean the type of men who first established this great nation. Those men didn’t believe women should have rights, that black people were in fact people, or that land could be peacefully shared between two races. These men need to wise up and realize that this isn’t just their nation anymore. (In fact, it wasn’t theres to claim in the first place.)

America needs to fulfill it’s promise of being the land of the free. This anti-race thing we have going on is NOT going to solve any problems. It will only create more. Race is something that will be around for as long as time. That doesn’t mean we have to keep focusing on it. Not all white people are racist, not all black people are criminals. Not all cops are bad, and not all victims are innocent.

But how do we solve this problem?

It’s up to us, New America, those who truly believe in equality for all, to speak up about this injustice. Yes #alllivesmatter, but right now black lives are treated as the exception. So for the terrible times we are in right now, I support the #blacklivesmatter movement. If all lives really mattered, we wouldn’t have to keep reminding Old America that black lives matter too.

New America, we are a nation filled with all walks of life. No matter what race or class you belong to, we need to respect one another and not act with such violence. We need to strive for equal representation in our justice system and government. We will never truly be free until we see diversity in our Congress.

To other black men like myself,

Don’t live your life with a target on your back. The more we fight against the system, the harder they strike us down. We need to infiltrate the system! The best thing to do is to improve ourselves. Drop the glorification of disruptive vices and pick up a book. Knowledge is power, and can truly change the way you see yourself. We can be successful! We, first, just have to believe it for ourselves.

Don’t glorify idols who do nothing for our community. Promoting a negative view of our community should not be welcomed. We are a community of leaders, entrepreneurs, men who give a damn about the way we present ourselves. We are educated, hard working, and determined to do better than those before us.

We are apart of the New America, and together we all can put a stop to the discriminations that unfortunately exist here.

Here’s to being apart of the New America!



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