A Much Needed Change.

photos by: Samar Khader HEY GUYS. So I’m trying to make a comeback. I’ve had conflicting feelings on starting up the blog again, but I think it’s the right decision! I said in an earlier post that this year I have two main focuses: honesty & adventure. Hopefully, restarting this blog can help me with … Continue Reading

Mastering My Emotions & My Hopes for the New Year!

HEY GUYS! First, I want to say Happy New Year! The month of January has a special place in my heart, and rightfully so… I started Happily Dressed two years ago, on January 20th, 2014. It was my freshman year in college, and I wanted to start a blog all about living your best life … Continue Reading

Feeling Stuck? Find Your Reset Button!

HEY GUYS! I’ve recently made some big decisions in my life. One of them included cutting off all my hair! Before I continue, no I’m not bald, but I decided to go back to the traditional cut I had when I first started Happily Dressed. The idea to cut my hair was scary at first. … Continue Reading

Fall Trends 2016: Earth-Tones, Classic, and Vintage Looks!

HEY GUYS! In the most recent video, over on our YouTube Channel, I discuss what’s going to be popular this Fall!¬†There are a few things that are always going to be staples, and some that are a new trend to Fall 2016. Three things that I’ve noticed include earth tones, matching two piece suits, and … Continue Reading

“Good Things Always Come to an End” (If You Let Them!)

HEY GUYS! I guess I should start off with where I’ve been lately… Between summer school, Urban Outfitters, and physically living in Covington, while socially being in Atlanta, things have been a bit hectic. I haven’t really had time to even think of a post idea, let alone sit down and actually write one. But … Continue Reading